Hello, I'm Karno.



twentyfaces is a twitter profiles switcher built with Rust.


reqwest-oauth1 is a library that provides OAuth1 authorization signature to reqwest crate for the Rust programming language.


C#, XAML, WPF, Python3, Keras, Rust, Windows, Linux, Security, Wireless Communication, Operational Technology, User Interface, Minecraft,


'90s, Male, Master of Engineering, Hyogo/Nagoya, Japan


github, mastodon, twitter(protected), blog, qiita, celestian.io



Krile is a twitter client, especially targeted on twitter-addicts. Krile had been developed for about 9 years, but it is no longer updated due to twitter's new policy about 3rd party apps.


Cadena is a twitter accessor library that was developed for next-generation of Krile. Cadena focused on the performance especially handling streaming messages. However, twitter have decided to turn off the streaming API.


Phronesis is a MVVM framework for apps of the UWP environment. Since next-generation of Krile is planned run on the UWP environment, this library was developed, but next-gen Krile was abandoned and also this library was also.


Masquerade is a utility that changes your profile of the twitter. Masquerade reads the stream and triggered by the specific keyword, but twitter have decided to stop providing the streaming api.